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women and metamorphoses

female body fabulations

This site is a place for creating works, processes, narratives and thoughts about the feminine, its fragmentations and variations.

Início: Bem-vindo


Our method is to move away from a supposed universal origin and to bring truth closer to fiction. It is not about lies or untruths, but the promotion of bodily states that promote imaginative processes.

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body and art workshop N.4

mind-body states, exploration of forms of perception, drawing, text and movement. fabular silenced experiences in the body.

July 15th - 10:00 am - via wix live


resistance and transformation



In a series of online body and creation workshops, we will cover women's stories from an artistic perspective, trying to make trauma and silence work as creative power.

critical thinking

Access to texts, essays, theses, reflections by researchers, curators, artists that promote the rethinking of being a woman in contemporary times.


Access to works, processes and creations in different fields of the arts produced specifically for this project or that dialogue with our concept and objectives.

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“If it is no longer enough to expose the scandal, how could it be possible to generate a different set of descriptions from this file? Imagine what it could have been? ”

Saidiya Hartman

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