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Body and drawing workshops will be held for women from 18 years of age and from different backgrounds. The exercises proposed in the workshops will be based on Butoh and other contemporary movement practices that deal with forms of perception of the self, of the other, of space and of objects that compose it and explore bridges between different forms of narration, namely text, movement and drawing . It will be proposed to each participant that develops, based on the experiences in the workshops, a work for exhibition on the online platform that can be in different media: drawing, text, video, photography, video-performance. In the meetings, the intention is that methods, techniques and principles in general applied to dance, movement and performance are transported to other fields of creation, so that the creative processes are built from bodily experiences. Each workshop will last approximately 2 hours, with a maximum of 10 participants per workshop. The activities will take place online.

During the workshop, we make four drawings, always without looking at the paper and focusing on what was being drawn: the first, of an object or landscape seen in that present moment. The second, from a fragment of this image. The third, invisible – we draw with the body in space. The fourth, a synthesis of sensory experiences that took place in previous moments. In the latter, a word (text) must be associated with the image.

The focus of these workshops is not the finished product of creative actions, but precisely what can emerge from the destabilization of patterns of perception and habits rooted in the body. The body keeps silent stories. Exploring its cracks can be a way to bring specific and hidden truths closer together.

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