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Lilian is an architect and decorator. Your drawing experience mostly involves a visual project, to be seen on a monitor, paper or mockup. The project must illustrate what will be built, a final product. It is clear that until reaching the final product, many changes occur, but the guiding principle of an architectural project is to provide a projection as accurate as possible of where you are going to arrive.

Focusing on the arrival point obscures attention to the path that takes place until reaching a certain result. The way in which the participants were led to draw in this workshop, brings the path or outline to the body and transforms the surroundings, the object, the landscape, the space into an impulse that crosses them and makes them move. It also transforms the object we see as “inanimate” into something that moves, alters, transforms, just like the body.

In her first drawing, Lilian chose something alive to represent: an orchid. A body, which although not human, is a body in constant process of transformation. The orchid was designed with simple and dry lines, with precision.

The second drawing, which should illustrate a fragment of the first, followed these same characteristics. You could see that it is a piece of a flower. With the movement exercises, that is, with the repetition of the “path” of the drawing on another support different from the canvas or paper and which involves a form of kinesthetic perception, Lilian seems to have discovered another cadence, a specific rhythm.

In the video recording of the workshop, one can see his body moving all over to draw the image full of curves and comings and goings and high lows that we see above. This last drawing still illustrates the body of the orchid, but with a focus on the route that is outlined and not on an image or a final idea. The ribs, circulation, and movements of the drawing body (the artist's) and the drawing body (orchid) interpenetrate each other. Both are subject and object of a result that is not final and that indicates an eternal process of construction.

Lilian Catharino, “movement”. Graphite on bond paper. Drawing improvisation performed at the body and art workshop, , held on July 1, 2021.

lilian movimento.jpg
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