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Thany participated in the 4. body and creation workshop for this project, held on July 8, 2021. In his first blind drawing, he chose to represent a crystal full of cuts, pieces, fragments. The strokes here are strong but slightly shaky, intermittent. Thany researches internet pornography and the fragmentations of the body that exposure to images generates in these contexts. She says she sees something choppy, discontinuous in the way bodies are shown on pornography sites.

energy fields

Thany's second drawing, in fact, operates a cut, a fragmentation of the first by the gaze limited by a frame. The different pieces that make up the crystal, these fragments or cracks, do not communicate, they appear in the drawing as traces that are close to each other and linked by something invisible. Eventually an energy field. The stroke here is lighter but also more linear, decisive.

thany desenho 2.jpg
Thany desenho 3.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j


The third drawing, which records the path followed by different parts of the body to redo this trace in the space outside and inside the body, breaks with this discontinuous pattern, although there are still fragmentations. Shapes that become more rounded are connected to each other expressly.

The intermittence of previous drawings is replaced by an aesthetic of connection. The now wavy lines look like several hands (body fragments) that create a path. Again, I see the tracing of connecting energy fields here. The word he chose to associate with his third drawing was “wave”. Waves are disturbances that travel through space through a medium. In the case of this workshop, the body.

Thany desenho 3.jpg
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