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LILIANA ALVES - "encounter"

Liliana Alves starts from everyday objects and their respective re-significations through painting and the transference of sensations and reflections to them. This transference generates somewhat animated objects, meaning-making objects.

“The affective, melancholic atmosphere is born from the process itself.”, says the artist. The observation of time and its passage, the collection of material objects, the presence of objects that hide absences attest to the poetic melancholy of his works.

Liliana Alves, Absence, oil on canvas, 90x70cm


"Encounter" - drawing and movement

Not by chance, Liliana's first drawing in the workshop was a flower that was drying. The certainty of ephemerality, the absence of certainties itself, a constant transformation that characterizes life, people and objects.

Her last drawing, which follows the incorporation of the contours of what is seen through movement and repetition, was associated with the word “encounter”. An encounter between subject and object.

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