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Paula participated in the 5th art workshop of this project, held on July 15, 2021.

She said right at the beginning that she is a photographer and that drawing is something present in her life but that it belongs to the lives of others: drawing has always been an activity of the men in her family. She drew, but as a “game”.

Paula's first drawing depicts a sofa. The upper part of the sofa back is not attached to the seat, that is, it floats in the air. There is an emphasis on the round buttons that secure the fabric to the pillows.

    desenho 2_edited.jpg

    The second drawing has three sofas, on different levels of the paper. Here the buttons for the first drawing do not appear. In two of them, the ones that seem to be rooted in the ground, the back rests on the sofa base. In the third one it was done on top of the paper, that is, floating: maybe because it's far away in the imagination.

      desenho 3_edited_edited.jpg

      The third drawing - the one that comes after the exercise of movement in which these shapes are removed from the paper and carried out in the body and in space - seems to invert the position of the sofa. I see it upside down. The backrest completely detaches from the base, assuming its floating function.

      The buttons reappear but open. The first drawing had small, closed circles. Now ellipses that point back to something floating, that's in the air.

      The “ellipse” as a figure of speech omits to highlight: it highlights something that is not expressly there, but which is implied from the image as a whole.

        desenho 3b-edit_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

        Paula also made a fourth drawing. The open ellipses in drawing 3 close again into perfect circles, which take up the buttons that hold or tie the fabric present in drawing 1. These circles assume a much larger dimension than in drawing 1.

        The circles are reinforced with several lines drawn one over the other and extend, on two of their sides, in straight lines that refer to the rectangle of the sofa base and another that breaks with this Cartesian linearity, forming a zigzag.

        One side of the triangle has no lines. It's implied. The drawing's outline closes in itself, delimiting its own internal space. The drawn shape does not touch the ground. Again it floats.

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