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IIrene Guerriero, Weaving, 150x150cm, acrylic on canvas

Irene Guerriero's colorful painting brings a cellular vision of landscapes. It is as if the incidence of light on colors made the basic unit of their work visible. In graphite drawings, these cells do not appear, causing a certain bone structure to emerge in the image, which is harder and more angular. This structure was already present in his paintings, but overshadowed by the color palette. Early in the workshop, Irene mentioned the desire to delimit the very contours of her art without interference or judgment by third parties. A dive into her world, without the action of the hallucinogen of colors, rescued those limits. Irene associated the word “faith” to her final design. Confidence in its own individual structure.

Irene Guerriero generally paints themes from nature, focusing on the incidence of light on the diverse and strong colors of her paintings, which date back to the psychedelic aesthetics of the 1960s.

During the body and artS workshop held on June 18, 2021, we made four drawings, always without looking at the paper and focusing on what was being drawn: the first, of an object or landscape that was seen at that moment. The second, from a fragment of this image. The third, invisible – we draw with the body in space. The fourth, a synthesis, a synthesis of the sensorial experiences that had been passed through. In the latter, I asked for a word (text) to be associated with the image.

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