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An artist of color. Her works in various media such as painting, drawing, installation bring a dive into the materiality of color and its apparent harmony under which, according to the artist, “conflict and uneasiness” are hidden.

My first image of Sueli was one of balance. An image of power of intuition, as if reality, the relationship between things and people, were not something visible by the mere look. An image that goes beyond its own representation.


Sueli's drawings throughout the workshop have extremely complex lines. Quite different from the harmony of her color paintings.

sueli espicalquis.jpg

Sueli Espicalquis, Untitled, 2018, oil on linen, 23 x 33 cm

The impossibility of the apparent harmony of colors brought to the paper a chaotic complexity that in its disharmony portrays a form of balance between black and white, between linear and circular, between vision and intuition. Previously hidden structures and patterns emerge on a path to something new.

Sueli desenho 4_crop.jpg
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