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Ylen participated in the 4. body and art workshop of this project, held on July 8, 2021.

In his first drawing, Ylen drew a window, with some rectangles inside it. Ylen likes to look out the window and imagine what the people he sees are doing, thinking, feeling. Rectangles, representations of people.

His second drawing, in which only a fragment of the first one should be drawn, that is, a reduction of the total image, surprisingly expanded the focus in relation to the first one and included in the landscape a plant that was not there before.

Ylen's third drawing, after the journey of these traces through the body, features a mermaid with arms that have no hands and that seem to expand ad infinitum:


The image of the mermaid draws attention, which would be a hybrid between fish and human. When Ylen says he likes to spend time looking at life outside, it goes back to an aquarium, something you look through glass. The people, in your first drawing, are far away, out there, not individualized. Just rectangles. In his fourth drawing, life outside seems to have been incorporated by Ylen: the rectangle-people assume the shape of a single mermaid.

The window, which is born from a question, an interrogation, becomes a discontinuous line with openings that looks more like a portal than a frame. The “mermaid-life-in-here-and-outside”, “mermaid-me-and-other”, draws this portal with the invisible movement of her hands without hands. There is no longer an out-of-body aquarium you can see. The movement takes place in a space that is inside and out, surrounded by a permeable, penetrable film. A transmission tunnel.

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