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Isadora participated in the 4. body and art workshop of this project held on July 8, 2021.

Its first design features the simple and perfect contours of a basin. A container for storing water, for washing things. In line with the breathing exercise we did at the beginning of the workshop, in which you should imagine a flow of water circulating through your body as you inhale and exhale.

In his second drawing, this basin is duplicated and fragmented, with its contours open in the form of an ellipse. Inside flows into outside, me and the other, body and space meet in this continuous flow.

His third drawing, on the other hand, after the repetition of the tracing of different parts of the body, completely breaks with the shape and concept of a basin and is completely abstracted: a continuous line that twists, realigns, trembles, discontinues, spirals, until it forms a complex skein at its ends:

desenho 3_Iza Totaro.jpeg

Isadora said that her current interest is to experiment with the body's connections, their continuities in space, in technology. Understand how the body integrates and operates in a systematic way. During the movement exercise we did, she completely surrendered to the layout and the ample space she had available. His forms, as in the last drawing, metamorphosed, went and came back, but remained connected to his body. She associated the word “latent” with her last drawing. A long skein to be rolled up and unrolled in your questions.

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