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Anna Luiza Fernandes, “Life”. Graphite on bond paper. Drawing improvisation performed at the body and art workshop, , held on July 1, 2021.


Anna Luiza participated in the third body and art workshop of this project, held on July 1, 2021.

In her first drawing, in which an object that can be seen in the surroundings should be drawn without looking at the drawing but looking at the object itself, Anna Luiza drew a geometrically perfect desk with drawers. The second drawing, in which one looks at the same object but with a frame that fragments the look, she chose the handles for opening the drawers. With the repetition of the pattern of this design on the body, these handles acquired a new meaning that detaches itself from the object's functionality.

In his last drawing, after experiencing the shapes on the body, the position of the handles was inverted 180 degrees. The belly of the strap, which was previously turned downwards, now points upwards: the result, several V letters scattered across the paper. The fragment of the lines that delimited the furniture was also inverted and its repetition, in different angles and sizes, gives the impression of a graphic, which Anna Luiza linked to the image of an “electrocardiogram”.

Anna Luiza is a State Attorney and works at the Health Department. Her parents are both in the medical field. I believe that for her, health or “life” is closely linked to graphs and reports. Lines that have been taken from their usual position by living the drawing in an embodied way. The characteristic linearity of graphics and that it brought in the first design of the furniture, in its final design, however, softened and rounded. Angular shapes turned into ellipses. Etymologically, the word ellipse indicates lack, absence. As a figure of speech, it operates the absence of a word that is implied in the construction of the text (eg “On the table, books and pens.”). Life that, unpredictably and without linearity, sprouts and insinuates itself in the least expected places.

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