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martina desenho 3_edited_edited.jpg


Martina participated in the 5th Body and Art Workshop of this project, held on July 15, 2021.

In her personal presentation, she mentioned that she has been an actress for many years and that now, at 40, she started a course in body arts at PUC-SP. He also said that he has and had self-esteem problems when confronted with the academic environment, having come from a public school. Another issue addressed was “mourning”, which, according to her, she has already gone through three times.


martina_desenho 1_edited.jpg

In her first drawing, in which an object must be drawn from the surroundings while looking at it and not looking at the paper, Martina chose her glasses on the table. Simple, accurate and light strokes. No fills. Contour only.

For the second drawing, in which the instruction is to look at the same object through a focus and draw a fragment of the object, Martina chose the structure that connects the two lenses. Turn on cracked, cropped view into a single image. The result is several pieces of a form that repeats itself frantically and that immediately refer to the letter “m” as Martina told us, remembering her childhood calligraphy lessons. I see a group of birds migrating before winter comes.

desenho 2_edited_edited.jpg

The third drawing comes after the experience of shapes in movement, an exercise I propose for the body to draw by cutting out pre-established conceptual references or at least adapting them to its specific reality. Martina's third and final drawing is made up of several long, continuous lines with some curves. The frantic character of design 2 takes on a more fluid and rounded aesthetic, though still fragmented.

martina desenho 3_edited_edited.jpg

The sheet is separated in half by a longer line that marks a certain joining center of the design, not a division. A linking structure between several parts. The other, shorter lines accompany this center expanding towards the margins of the paper and giving the impression that they continue this expansion starting from the center outwards from the paper itself. Drawing, as well as the experience of shapes, is composed through the body that moves in space. Martina associated the word lightness to this drawing. Mourning is perhaps still represented there, but with more rounded forms that take it beyond the specifically individual story.

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