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Here I start a series of short audio stories in which I speak of episodes of "abuse" of women.

Difficult to write the word "abuse", maybe that's why I put it in quotation marks. "Abuse" of women, even more difficult. Such a broad concept, which covers so many different cases and species, so common, often obvious and sometimes implied, hidden, masked. Women of such different origins, colors, cultural backgrounds and social classes fit into this umbrella, preserved, of course, the different qualities and natures of the forms of abuse.

I want to talk about "abuse". Even if I feel abused just by saying that word. Even if I have to decorate the stories with humor, detachment, imaginary elements that help me immerse myself in this universe.

I want to talk about the visible and invisible abuses.

Abuses that did not happen and happened to me, counting that while a single woman is going through this, all will be subject to its effects.

I want to talk about abuse. Without quotes.

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