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On this page, the fables of themselves made by women who participated in the body and art workshops of this project are available.

The body keeps silent stories that we do not rationally process or that are simply forgotten or hidden in tissues, bones, organs...

Here we seek to approach women's truths through imagination and fiction and the development of perception and a language that involves the body in a systemic way.

What is a fable?

It is a “function” and a “bodily state that is constituted from the imaginative processes mediated by the organism and the environments (sign networks) through which it transits” (GREINER, 2017, p. 73). It is not a matter of "interpreting or explaining something given" - the "fabulation" remains alive precisely in being "distant from what would be considered the truth or the source to be reached". When fabulating, a person is involved in a certain “instance of falsehood” that does not constitute a “deliberate lie”, but that stems from the imagination (GREINER, 2017, p. 74).

GREINER, CHRISTINE. Fabulations of the Japanese body and its microactivities. São Paulo, N-1 Editions, 2017.

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