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reflections about time and life, the time of life and the life of time

My father passed away in 2017. Since then I've started thinking about time in life in a different way. Not only time in life, but life itself: a kind of walk between now and infinity.

My father and I spent years planning to go to France to practice walking meditation with the Buddhist master Tihch Nhat Hanh. While he was alive, I didn't make the decision to have time for it and time passed...

I collect flowers that dry without losing color, like the bougainville. After my father left, I put together boxes and boxes compulsively. But I didn't know exactly why.

One day, I found on the Internet a poem by Tihch Nhat Hanh called Walking Meditation. Intuitively, I made a carpet of flowers that dry eternally and began to walk on them, without leaving the place. I went to another time and space, where to be here or there, now, yesterday or tomorrow didn't matter anymore.

This performance was engraved on me and in the flowers that record an endless walk to nowhere.

link for video-performance:

link the live performance infinita at Supernova Arts (São Paulo, Março de 2019):

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