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(in) common body

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Performance, 2020

By Lucas Fernandes

Orientation: Cristina Elias

The tango solo sounds almost like an affront to those who originally conceived this dance, and perhaps by many exclusively, performed in pairs. The issue is added to the sexist and sexist scene of the tango tradition, where men and women fulfill their previously designated roles as a key part of what defines the well-known aesthetic of Argentine tango.

Added to the provocations, proposing a solo and non-binary look at the same time, the work highlights the individual trajectory that makes up the experience of discovering a language outside the standards. Weaving from its genesis and narrating the steps of the performer in the art of dance, "(In) common body" is a dance autobiography, moving from the playfulness of childhood and play until the moment when the toy becomes a tango for to give space to an identity that questions the very place of art as a crucial power in the formation of personality and as a tool for discovering the body and its stories.

Mixing the suspended tension of the birth and the brief breath between it and the inseparable death, with humor and the satire of a peculiar childhood that caused chills of perplexity, the dancer executes her own life story, sharing with the audience the glories and the afflictions of growing up as a (un) common body.

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